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Blocked Sexual Chakra || Let’s start with my favourite. Practically every “healer” will tell you the same – you have blocked this chakra due to “bad and sinful” behaviour or connections in the past lives. Also, if case you have a sexual partner, he/she is manipulating you through this liveliness. These black magic scams are very popular in obscure esoteric TV shows and Internet. Now, I understand that there must be a bit of truth in it. But I am sorry, I see and hear this scam too often to consider it to be true. Its noted, however, that even if the power of the ritual is said to reside in the words, “the words only become effective if uttered in a very special context of other action. These other actions typically consist of gestures, possibly performed with special objects at a place or time. Object, location, and performer may require purification beforehand. This caveat draws a parallel to the felicity conditions also requires of performative utterances. By “performative”


 Love Spells

Factors Determining Success in Reconciliation Spells

Reconciliation spell work is a sticky topic. Most root workers won’t do it for several reasons. First there are MANY issues that affect the success of a spell.

Break Up – Why did the relationship end, and who ended it? This can give you a clue as to whether the relationship is able to be reconciled. Did your girlfriend dump you because you slapped her in the face? Then I don’t blame her for leaving you. You need to get some anger management classes and don’t bother with any reconciliation work. If there was any kind of violence, reconciliation is OFF THE TABLE. Did your ex leave you because you’re controlling, and you’ve tried working with 14 root workers to get them back but none of the spells are working? Perhaps that should make it abundantly clear that you have control issues and you need to work on your own self-esteem and heal the fear that is within your heart. Fear and insecurity are what breed controlling. Did your ex leave you because he went back to his wife? Well, the wife has more rights in the world than you do. She has a religious bound and oath before God to that man – she will win out. That’s just the way it works. So think about why the break up happened and see if you’ve healed those issues first before you seek reconciliation or you won’t be able to maintain anything if you DO get back together. 

How a Strong Bonding Spell can be Determined

What we are talking about is the supposed efficacy of a simple binding spell. For those who are not up on their traumatic magic, a binding spell seeks to bind a target subject and make him or her incapable of some actions or of making personal decisions, good or bad.  Like being tied up, a binding spell does cause harm to the target. Whatever spell is deployed, the most important component to any such targeting magic is to have a good magical link. A magical link establishes the psychic connection to the target, and by the process of the Law of Similarity and the Law of Contagion, a magical link can be a representational simulacrum with a connection to the actual target. The Law of Similarity allows for a given object or person (the target) to be depicted in a symbolic manner (photograph, sigil, poppet, etc.). The Law of Contagion allows a link to be established through the possession of something that was in proximity to the target, such as a garment, hair, nail parings, blood etc. If a magical link consists of a combination of items that satisfies both the Laws of Similarity and Contagion, then it is considered a strong link. 


Casting the Circle Made Possible

Everyone prepares for ritual differently. In my circle, we perform a ceremonial handwashing. Some groups prefer to use incense, smudge, salted water, etc. It’s important to get yourself in the right head space for ritual. Some groups like to use a guided meditation “your feet are the like the roots of a tree . . .” others chant and sing. It probably depends on how good the singing is in your particular group. Statement of Intent High Priestess: “Tonight we celebrate annual harvest, the festival of First Fruits. In late Summer, the fields ripen and we partake in the year’s first grain harvest. “With sword in hand I now cast this circle thrice round. First pass to stand between the worlds and create sacred ground. Second pass to protect and keep all within safe from harm. Third pass to hold in our energies, magic, and charm. Consecrated in the name of Lord and Lady, the circle is now cast, so mote it be!”


Casting Money Black Art

Money witchery that work best are those that are expertly cast using the correct ingredients and correct tools by an experienced expert Spell caster. The spell attracts financial benefits to one’s life using the ‘Laws of Manifestation’ which I understand very well, and many have used to great advantage in their own life, and for others in the past. If you wish us to help you with this spell send us your full names, your date of birth, you your work status. When we have all your information, I will give you a date and time (by arrangement) when the spell will be worked and full instructions for you to do your part. We make sure that you are in good health state before we carry out consultation, to protect you from any harm we do not offer our services to any person with illness that requires medical attention 


Ibindila Isac, from Cairo Egypt. 10th-Mar-2016 at 11:30 am i always though it is too good to be true, because all the other spell casters were supposedly good and none of them helped me. i saw the testimonials and read the other testimonials and decided to get the consultation. he said he could help me, but my chances of getting my ex wife were very low and he didn’t recommend it at all. But i insisted that he at least give me the chance to work with him and try and if it didn’t work, i wouldn’t be upset and i would move on with my life and follow the hunting for new wife path. He agreed. Since he is in SA and im in Juba, i decided i would go in person to have my spells cast in person. What followed was amazing .. Thank you million times ..


Bila Godfrey, from Maputo Mozambique. 21st-July-2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Doctor Wava at waters in Brook, this summer, and he was kind enough to work with me to change my sleep patterns. We released some negative thoughts and feelings, and balanced energies and chakras. Since then, I have been able to sleep for at least more than 5 hours each night wake up in the morning feeling better than ever. Even though I have been working, I have never held on a single position for more than a year. This is despite the fact that I work hard and invest my best in the post. Inconveniences happen that seem to push me out of the position before long, I am either fired or the work is no longer needed. Even in my side businesses, seemed to be treading on a dry stone, I couldn’t break my way through. But after I contacted Doctor Jumaya, I have been on an upward economic drift. I have now been in my latest employment for more than two years now. Thank you very much DR.

African Sangoma

Traditional practitioners use a wide variety of treatments ranging from “magic” to traditional methods such as fasting and dieting, herbal consultations, bathing, massage, and spiritual prayers. A large percentage of the people in South Africa also rely on traditional remedies to treat their animals for various diseases. Some healers may employ the use of charms, incantations, and the casting of spells in their treatments. The dualistic nature of traditional African medicine between the body and soul, matter, and spirit and their interactions with one another are also seen as a form of magic. In African cultures, the act of healing is considered a religious act. Therefore, the healing process often attempts to appeal to God because it is ultimately God who can not only inflict sickness, but provide a cure. Africans have a religious world view which makes them aware of the feasibility of divine or spirit intervention in healing with many healers referring to the supreme god as the source of their medical power.

Carving the Candle with our Desire

Once you’ve figured out what color you want, you should carve the candle with your wish. If you wish to draw something towards you, write the name of your desire (for example “LOVE” or “MONEY”) from the top of the candle to the bottom. If this spell is done for something you want to dispel, write it from the bottom to the top.

Gauteng Wiccan Witch

Most of us continually strive to consider all potential outcomes of our thoughts and actions pausing to seriously consider the consequences before undertaking a ritual, spell or rite that could go astray.   It is when we follow the path with the love of the Goddess in our hearts and adhere to the basic tenant of the Reed that our works are beneficial and we achieve harmony and balance with all things. The heart of Wicca is not something summed up into a few short words and can often take on different meaning to each since the Lord and Lady touch us in different ways.   To gain a fuller understanding of the Craft, I urge you visit our temple or use contact page on this site as well as calling us or texting us and we shall select group of exceptional Wiccan and Witchcraft topics to share with you.   Through the wisdom and words set down through the ages, you will find that you are able to understand the basis of our beliefs and how they may apply to you.   Your inner voice will also quickly let you know if the intent of what you are reading is for superficial purposes to benefit self instead of working to benefit the whole.   Remember to read with your heart, for it is when you see life and the world with your heart and spirit that you truly gain an understanding of what Wicca is.

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Witches have a very strict belief in the Law of Three which states that whatever we send out into our world shall return to us three-fold either good or bane. A “True Witch” would hesitate in doing magick to harm or manipulate another because that boomerang we throw will eventually come back to us much larger and harder then when we threw it. This is not to say that Witches are perfect, we are human too just like everyone else and make mistakes and errors in judgment. Just as there are parents who love and nurture their children, there are parents who abuse their children.   As there are many who devote their lives to giving and helping mankind, likewise there are those who devote their lives to taking advantage of and using people for their own gain. Unfortunately, the same flaws in human nature applies to witches too. Your inner voice will also quickly let you know if the intent of what you are reading is for superficial purposes to benefit self instead of working to benefit the whole.   Remember to read with your heart, for it is when you see life and the world with your heart and spirit that you truly gain an understanding of what Witchcraft is. CALL DR WAVA FOR THIS SPELL

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In the matter of spell components, you may not always want to permanently dispose of the items right away. Depending on the purpose of the spell, you may choose to hide the item in far places fore instance, abandoned home, hide it in your own yard, or tuck it into a tree. Obviously, your disposal methods are going to vary depending on the ritual or working itself, and on the nature of the ritual offerings that you need to be rid


We all want to love and be loved so it is understandable to do everything in ones power to make this happen.

Even if you are slightly skeptical, uncertain or wary, powerful positive witching combined with expert Witching will soon have you convinced in the power of Magic. I ensure that my Spells are carefully crafted, use only positive Witching and are cast expertly and effectively.

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